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My First Paper

October 6, 2008

Connectionism and Connectivism

I think I am closing in on the close connections between these two nodes and I’ve created a very small mind-map to show one of the paths along which they have developed. The distinctions between them are a matter of the focus of their description: 

Connectionism focuses on neural networks.

Connectivism focuses on the connections to knowledge sources.

“Connectionism is only focused with learning that happens in our heads”. and “Connectivism is strongly focused on the linking to knowledge sources…”.  (Siemens, 2006, p.37).

The connections between these two lay in the “…view that learning is a process of network formation”.  And, “Connectionism is based in behaviourism ….  where learning occurs as we form links between stimulus and response” (Siemens, 2006, p.37).



Siemens, G. (2006). Connectivism: learning theory or pastime of the self-amused. Retrieved October 3, 2008 from:


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  1. deadvocate permalink

    Oopps. I erred in the map. I meant to link connectivism to external networks and connectionism to internal networks.

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