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Some of my thoughts and a diagram from a year ago:


The above sketch I have entitled:

Anderson’s Web:

Link Analysis and representation of a non-hierarchical appproach to creation and creativity.

(I made this last year but am not yet sure its significance)

When viewing this sketch, view it as flat, creation at the centre, and either expanding outwards to the wheels, or the wheels producing a linear flow back to creation.  Either way, it works.  The sketch incorporates both a linear and a circular flow, more wheels can and should be added, this sketch is incomplete.  Five wheels are shown here:  language wheel, causality wheel, duality wheel, logic wheel and analogic wheel.  More work is required linking the words between the wheels and the centre, in order to give the full web effect to it.

I’m not sure about the use of the word metaphysics to describe this, but metaphysics is all I have for now.

Viewed flat, and two-dimensional, the representation has breadth, not depth, and is capable of endless expansion and compression.  More wheels can be added to each spoke, more spokes can be added to the hub.  All collapse inward to the hub.

To add a third dimension requires a depth analysis of what is behind creation, as opposed to the how of it, which this representation claims to answer.  (Is that a telling statement:  the third dimension is what is behind creation?)

To clarify my use of of the concept of dimensions, my model as it sits contains two:  time and space.  Space is represented by what is occupied by the web, hub, spokes and wheels; and time through the endless expansion and compression of the composite parts towards and from the hub. (interesting: can there be time without motion?).

The 3rd dimension is the unknown.  It has been introduced into human history by sages, mystics, prophets etc. but requires further development and exploration.

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