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Recyclable Dental Floss

Perhaps this is not an issue for some, but for those of us that use dental floss (DF) on a regular basis, the matter of recycling has arisen. At the watercooler the other day, concern was expressed in regards to the disposal of used floss (UF). Heavy users of DF are converting this product to UF at a rate of 30-40 cm per session, often several sessions per day. If the entire human population were to become users of DF, well, you can imagine the quantities involved. Lets nip this one before it becomes a major concern.

Several suggestions were forwarded as to possible uses of UF. It was noted that there are at least two primary components of DF, those being a waxen lubricant and a fibrous string. UF contains these two components plus waste deposits such as food particles, tartar, saliva and possibly other fluids.

Any suggestions as regards this conundrum are welcome. Some of our ideas iinclude:

1. UF be collected in containers similar to current recycling bins, and returned to a depot for washing and redistribution
2. UF be cleaned in the home, dried (another possible invention – the UF cleaner and dryer machine) and recycled by the user in the home
3. UF be stripped of its primary components and these materials be reused e.g. the waxen lubricant could be removed and perhaps incorporated into candle making. perhaps the fibrous string material could become wicks

Let us know your thoughts on this….

One Comment
  1. gail permalink

    I like the idea of turning them into wicks. Has anyone tried this yet? If so, let us know how it worked.

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