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Edible Nail Polish

At the watercooler (figure of speech) discussion the other day, the subject matter turned to the use of nail polish as applied to toe-nails. With summer, the wearing of open-toed shoes is prevalent, and it was observed that many are utilizing a form of paint on their nails (with the exception of C.J.F. who is resisting the painting of his). A suggestion was brought forth from the gathered luminaries that edible nail paint might have a place in this custom. Although originally conceived for fingers, and attached to the health concerns of those who might bite their fingernails or otherwise use their teeth to trim them, A.M.A. thought that toenails might benefit from the use of an edible product as well. I don’t know exactly what her reasoning is on this matter, but she, and others, seemed quite convinced of the commercial possibilities for this.

  1. Edible polish for toenails would be great for foot fetishists who like to suck on their lover’s toes. I don’t think the market for this product would be “huge”, but it would attract a market big enough to make the endeavor with the effort.

    But for the toenails, make the polish flavored such as strawberry, cherry, etc.

    • Tory – please contact me when you get the chance, would like to talk further on this and perhaps discuss you being primary supplier.



  2. acrylic nail polish are the best stuff that you can use when polishing your nails’~,

  3. hi I already made edible nail polish!!!! and i think its really shallow of you stealing it!!!!!

  4. 30babytoes permalink

    Edible nail polish is great for little toes…you know babies that suck there toes with mothers that dont want them eating chemicals

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