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#CCK11 An Ode to the Troll – Strophe

March 27, 2011

Well, I’ve kinda had it with the Troll discussion that erupts at least once during a Connectivist course. I’m willing to grant that foul language, direct character assaults and the like can provide an uncomfortable atmosphere for some, but I find it comical that this behaviour would be seized upon as the reason for people leaving a forum, or a disruption in conversation, or a limiting of the conversation. Surely people have more courage than that, and are able to deal with a troll or ignore the troll and move on.  Or maybe there is a lack of courage, and the troll exposes this? 

Not much of a poet am I

For ’tis not much easy on me

To make words on the page so to fly

Would rather place alms to the see

Of questions, to the purpose of light

Where exposure turns lips onto stone

Greeting with nary a sound

To deny the power of right

Not like the woman of chrone

Life tends to the figure of round.


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  1. Terry Pratchett writes nice books and in a lot of them trolls figure.
    I like his books.
    The trolls of Terry Pratchett are almost human (except them consisting of stone).

    regards Jaap

  2. Hey, Ken, what are you referring to with “troll”?
    I’m absolutely puzzled by this. 🙂

  3. It’s always a tad irksome to continually revisit some topics, but I guess it’s the nature of these courses. Each new cohort needs to orient themselves to the content, some which has been discussed at length previously by the course ‘veterans’. It’s not the topic that irks me but the degree of response. I’m also unsure as to how this topic was generated. Was somebody a tad ‘naughty’ on Facebook. I’ve not encountered any troll like behaviour, or malicious intent, just the odd ‘humour Nazi’. I agree with you Ken that … “foul language, direct character assaults and the like can provide an uncomfortable atmosphere for some….” but RL coping mechanisms work just as well in a forum atmosphere.

  4. deadvocate permalink

    Hi Susan, yes, it would be nice to get past the ‘Troll’ topic. I think focusing on it takes away from the possibility of honest critiques, but maybe that is the intent of the focusers anyway…

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