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#CCK11 Con-Irk-tivism – Movement #1

March 13, 2011

In my previous post a new theory emerged. It is stated as:

“Connection (or re-connection) is contingent on the absence (or removal) of irk”

I have dubbed this Con-Irk-tivism as an interim, working title (abb. CI). CI theory addresses the issue of mental states such as desire, fear, passion, anger, hope, love, faith etc. through its predictive component. CI theory is a first movement beyond Connectivism, a theoretical framework that acknowledges an empirical perspective regarding learning while providing an explanation of agency as emergent from mental states summarized in the example given by the state of Irk.  The explanation of agency as emergent from Irk emerges itself from observations of the propensities of nodes to connect (and re-connect) in complex adaptive manners, and the self-reporting by nodes that the connecting propensities were directly proportional to the amount of Irk present in the nodes involved.


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  1. Is Conirktivism similar to Confectivism (the sugar coating of bad ideas to glue the mouths of critics closed) only the taste is bad? As in chewing on Chocolate Bunny ears that actually taste like real Bunny Ears not for the sake of authenticity but only to irritate?


  2. frompandora permalink

    Not sure I’m familiar with the taste of a real bunny’s ears Scott, although I do have some experience with Siamese cats and Weimaraner dogs !

    Sorry Ken I’m making use of your space again. Then again it’s a welcoming safe space to take refuge. And it’s always a space that provokes a smile. Good to hear you again Scott.

  3. frompandora permalink

    Ken, just had a thought. Perhaps it could more aptly be referred to as:
    Contra-Irk-tivism. Then again I hate to be so presumptuous as to try to take over your theory. Now that would be truly Irksome I would imagine.

  4. deadvocate permalink

    Hi Scott and Susan, thanks for dropping by! Please make use of this space in any way you choose, I’m glad to hear that you consider it hospitable!

    Maybe Contra-Irk-tivism is the better term. Don’t worry about be presumptuous, I don’t think anyone really owns a theory anyway, and I don’t have any book tours or speacking engagements planned!

    Confectivism must be a close relative, in the spectrum of theory. Chewing on the bad tasting idea makes one choose to be alone, hence autonomy – the ultimate goal?

  5. Hey Guys,
    Looks like we have created, disputed and proofed a whole new theory without having to endure one single irritating challenge or meaningful observation. Now it’s time to move on to marketing!

    @Susan, Weimaraner ears that have been clipped or in their natural floppy state?


  6. Floppy of course Scott – au natural 🙂

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