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CCK11 – Recipe for success?

February 3, 2011

So, let me get this straight….

a)  Dump the Moodle forums, on the premise that they tend to ‘power law’ instantiations, in the sense that 20% of the participants write 80% of the forum posts  (this is deemed to be ‘bad)

b) Replace Moodle with Grasshopper forums, on the premise that the tendency will be towards a more ‘distributed’ knowledge/contribution base at the blog level, and less of the ‘power law’ instantiation  (this is deemed to be good)

Outcome:   20% of the participants are writing 80% of the blogs, which are aggregated into the Grasshopper forum which means…..

Yes Einstein, it means that 20% of the participants are writing 80% of the forum posts.  hmmm.  what has changed?  Other than the activity levels of the combined blog/forum is less than it ever was?


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  1. Hey there Ken,
    At the risk of being too dismissive of the format of the current course I visited the “browse blog posts” to have a quick read and there was very little content that grabbed my imagination or enthusiasm. You’re ‘spot on’ as I see it however you’ve analysed it far more succinctly than I could.

    Isn’t it the quality rather than the quantity that we should be seeking ?

    It’s all seeming a bit gratuitous and ‘LMS’ey with the enforced blog visits. ( just realised I’m sounding very non collegial and non diplomatic)
    Bottom line- It’s good to know I’m not alone with my perceptions. Stay safe

  2. deadvocate permalink

    Hi Susan, thanks for your comments. Have you seen this dialogue yet? It concerns Moodle, and Scott from Plenk is contributing in his beautiful style:

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