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The rot within the core

November 26, 2008

Some random thoughts and quotes located and written a month ago, tossed out here for other minds to oggle, and to clear off my ‘unfinished manuscript’ pile.

 To reiterate the syllogism that supports connectivist materialism (CM):

a)  Neuroscience has made new discoveries about the brain and neural network connections

b) As it matures, Neuroscience will replace the theories of folk psychology

c) Ergo, connectivist materialism

hmmm.  Does this seem right?

What is dualism?  What is eliminative materialism?

‘Belief,’ ‘desire’ and other mental terms on this approach do not refer to anything; they are terms of ‘folk psychology,’ which, according to the eliminativist, is a false theory. Thus ‘belief’ and ‘desire’ are theoretical terms; it is just that the theory to which they belong is false and slated for replacement, in the fullness of time, by a mature cognitive science.

The token-token identity theory collapses into eliminativism
Eliminativism is false
The token-token idenity theory is false

EM is so patently absurd that I must ask myself: Is it a good use of my time to beat up a cripple or roll a drunk?

The most obvious objection to eliminative materialism (EM) is that it denies obvious data, the very data without which there would be no philosophy of mind in the first place.


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