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The fruit around the core

November 26, 2008

To summarize the emergent propositions of Connectivism: 

(Connectivia Principia – CP)

(notes from  the half-way point)

1. Downes and Siemens have differing views on knowledge, groups, networks

2. Connectivism (C) is not simply defined – depends on perspective (hmm…  like interpretivism?)

3.  The emphasis on networks is primary.

4.  All learning begins with a connection.  Intent (what – I thought network were non-intentional – may need to review the language used?) is to determine the attributes of these connections, e.g. power, control, organization, governing.

5. Knowledge is different today. Technology reveals something long dormant in knowledge. What something means is a function of how it is connected. Reducing knowledge to a function of connectedness, raising primacy of networks. Must understand what networks are, and how the connections affect meaning.

6. Deterministic unpredictability = chaos

7. system is more than the sum of its parts = complexity  which yields emergence

8.Trying to take natural science stuff (chaos, complexity, emergence) and put it into social science

9.  curriculum management does not provide control

10. large body of research supporting the connectivia principia (if you hijack stuff from, say science)


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  1. interesting material, where such topics do you find? I will often go

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