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The Context of Connectivism

November 26, 2008

George’s version of connectivism appears as a form of pseudo-constructivism. It is an application of constructivist principles pivoting on the expansion of technological access to a sharing of knowledge.

At the end of the day, it is a theory and description of applied social constructivism, where technology is merely the tool by which people construct knowledge and meaning.

I say: Hang on to this, but put it in its proper place:

Connectivism is Social Constructivism via the internet.

It has some use in this context. Context is a key. The Pipe is important, but content moreso.

And nodes are the most important piece in the puzzle.


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  1. jennymackness permalink

    This is my view too! Thanks for articulating it.


  2. suifaijohnmak permalink

    This is interesting. Social constructivism relates mainly to people in the const, correct? Connectivism posits that it covers the 3 levels: neurological, conceptual and external/social. Have we missed out anything from any these theories? I mean the the actual “brain” or “brains” in a virtual network. I m not too sure if I prefer to connect to just ideas, rather than human, as ideas are normally changing, where human has feelings, just like you and me, who are living, and thus could interact. Nevertheless, you don’t mind connecting to ideas. I am grateful to meet you in this network, and wish you all the best with your master’s study.
    What do you see will be the future of the social constructivism via the internet?

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