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Suck and Blow

November 26, 2008

Take a straw, insert one end into your mouth, the other into your favourite beverage.  Then try to suck up the liquid, and blow bubbles in its container, at the same time.  Can you do it?

A connectivist position (Siemens, 2007) is that the mind is an ecology or network that we can’t really understand at this time.

“The hallmark of connectionism (like all behavioral theory) was that learning could be adequately explained without refering to any unobservable internal states.” (Thorndike)

I think George and Thorndike are saying the same thing, except that connectivists seem to deny their linkages to behaviourism.

Learning is the result of associations forming between stimuli and responses. (Thorndike)

Connectivism emphasizes the primacy of the connection (Siemens, 2008)

Not sure what to do with this yet:

Supervenient behaviourism: psychological facts supervene on physical behavioural dispositions: necessarily, if x and y differ with respect to types of mental states, then they differ with respect to types of behavioural dispositions (see SUPERVENIENCE). (Byrne, 1994)


Byrne (1994).

Seimens (2007).

Siemen (2008).



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