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KTK08 Ken’s Taxonomy of Knowledge for 2008

November 4, 2008


Will is the ultimate question, inferring not only capacity for action but also freedom of action. In this domain lay also the capacity for creativity. This is the human domain.


Why is also primarily a domain reserved for Humans.  What distinguishes humans from animals is the ability to use language (symbolic) representation to express the question.  Asking the question is a revelation of the capacity to obtain an answer.


How is the level at which the gorilla, viruses, birds etc. max out.  They possess the capacity for effective action.  How is observable.  Behaviorism is the theory that permits an understanding of this phenomena. This is the knowledge concept ‘to know how’.


Who, Where, What, and When relate to the concept of ‘to know what’. This is akin to pattern recognition, memory, definition, time consciousness.


The KTK08 taxonomy has parallels to Blooms revised Taxonomy.


Connectivism is a pedagogical tool for use in the development of level 3 and 4 knowledge acquisition within the technology of the current era.


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