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I made the news!

November 3, 2008


I must write home and tell them about this!

Well, that was interesting. I made the Daily ‘Highlighted Resource Section’ for the first time in my student career in CCK08.  And what a response!  Over 150 views of my blog, and still counting!  Now I had been getting some consistent looks, as I have been making frequent blog posts which have been noted in the ‘contributions’ section, but 150 tops my previous record.  I am so happy!  The power of selection, and attraction, and notice etc. is quite apparent in this connectivism world.  While size matters, and the pipe is more important than the content, I think the most important slogan for connectivism is:

‘A node must attract attention, or whither on the vine of connection’

This is similar to Catherine’s ‘attention is the new coin of the realm’.

But seriously, (sure Ken, when does that happen?) I have appreciated the ability to ‘connect’ in this course, and have enjoyed immensely the discussions with the other die-hards in the forums, and much appreciate the comments of the lurkers and others received here in my ‘Failing’ post etc.  Semper fie, carpe diem to all.  Salute to George and Stephen, whatever the outcome of their propositions and endeavours.

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