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Connectivist Emergency!

October 17, 2008


Just when I was starting to have a blast (of fun) in the CCK08 (Cult of Connectivism Kourse) I find that I am under a Connectivist Emergency!

I have an emergent rewrite to do, in order to meet some timelines in another endeavour of mine, and will be forced to take a short hiatus of about (hopefully) 5-6 days in order to get ‘er done.

So, adios for now, I just pray that I am able to stay away, as the attractor (strange) in this course is powerful, the force is strong in this one. I will endeavour to remain away from participating in the forums, reading to stay abreast, and monitoring this blog and writing here as the spirit (of self-organization) moves me.  But my energy must be devoted to my other endeavour for now.



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  1. itcat permalink

    disconnectivist is hard, to be a turtle

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