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NoT™ Chapter 3

October 1, 2008

(Phaedrus shifts forward in his seat, something that has been said catches his interest, and he yearns to engage the professor in dialogue…)  The professor continues his lecture….

We have discussed some of the fundamental properties of NoT™. Let’s reiterate them here:

  1. Centrality
  2. Universality
  3. Circularity

Any others, class?

Student (S).  I think you mentioned that NoT™ was an ontology for all the ages, didn’t you?

Professor (P).  Ah yes, add the dimension of time to the mix, and you have the property of temporality. #4

S. I have a way of remembering this then:  TUCC:  temporal, universal, central, circular

P. Very good. You are a good student. You may sit at the front now.

Moving forward. The fundamental properties of NoT™ are TUCC.

Phaedrus:  I would like to add one more, professor.

P. Oh? What is it?

Phaedrus: I would like to add the word, synchronicity.

P. You are a Police fan then?

Phaedrus.  Well yes, but I also think it is a very important attribute of NoT™.

P. Please explain how it fits within the Temporal attribute then. It seems to me that S and T would be mutually exclusive.

Phaedrus:  Not so fast. I see it as S happening within the T environment.  In other words nodes interact simultaneously within a temporal setting.

P. Ok, I think that is a good place to take a short break, while we ponder this matter.


The Professor plays some soothing music to help him think this through.


P. Class, let’s resume our discussions.  Can anyone summarize our position so far?

Phaedrus. I think I can.  I am STUCC.

S. What do you mean by that?

Phaedrus.  I am a node. I am synchronous, temporal, universal, central and circular.

P. Now just a minute. we were discussing the properties of NoT™, not the properties of individual nodes.

Phaedrus. But aren’t they the same? Can’t the STUCC properties of NoT™ be similarly ascribed to a node? What is a node, if not STUCC?

P. I think that is a good place to end our discussion for today.  Class dismissed.


…the class runs off to make their own meaning of this


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