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Playing with myself: NoT™

September 27, 2008

A discussion took place in the forums regarding blogs vs. forums, in terms of the dynamics and perceptions of each….

I rather like the perspective that blogging is a form of ‘playing with myself’, in that I am free to travel the corridors of my mind, and write what I want (as long as I don’t mind sharing) without interference, and with the ability to shut down any critique that is presented. In a blog, I can shut the door on the world, while yet offering it something. And the subjects that I explore through thinking about my writing, and writing about my thinking, are play, to me anyway. And play involves fun, which is why I lean towards humour, and why I am laughing as I write. How therapeutic is that?

Forums to me are an arena for sharing, discussing etc. but the very name suggests a battleground for opinion, critique etc. I see them like this:  gladiators, sages, sycophants, teachers, learners etc all tossed into a common place where debate occurs. And since you can’t withdraw remarks, nor can you edit comments, there is a little more at stake htere. Although, one can still have some fun, and fun while learning. This arena is where I play with others.

And sometimes I like to play with others, and sometimes I like play with myself.

NoT™ has a lot to say about this. In NoT™, a primary proposition is free will, and the relationship between free will and the above is in the choice of where to play.  Network theory, on the other hand, through its observation of behaviours results in conclusions that can be used to reduce free will by controlling the game (i.e. stacking the deck). NoT™ proponents take notice of the risks illuminated by network theory, and exercise their free will in determining when, where, how, why and what to play.


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