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NoT™ (v1.0) Chapter 2

September 27, 2008

The professor continues with his Illumination of Nodality Theory…

So, to recap, in NoT™ we have an ontology that focuses on the node, developed with an epistemology of Connecti-Vision™ and demonstrated in part throught the RPM™ visual. It has deep historical roots which appear in the “Connect and you may see” (CAYMS™) slogan with it’s base in the veni, vidi, vici, triune. These three V’s of NoT™ are very helpful in understanding the theory”:

veni: I came (CAYMS™)
vidi: I saw (CONNECTI-VISION™)
vici: I conquered (NoT™)

The floor is now open for questions:


Q. So is NoT™ a western-based philosophy?
A. No. NoT™ is more universal.  NoT™ has roots in the east as well. For example, Taoist philosophy shares much with nodality theory.
Q. What is the primary similarity?
A. Primarily the entire concept of primary, as connected with oneness, or nodal supremacy.
Q. Can you provide an example of this?
A. Tao is the way.
Q. I don’t understand this.
A. Tao is the way, an example of a node in context, a oneness with the path, monism.
Q. Makes no sense to me.
A. (I am convinced you are a constructivist). What you don’t like a little mysticism?
Q. No, it’s confusing. Give me a mindmap anytime.
A. Ok



Q. What is that supposed to be?

A. It’s a mindmap about creation.

Q. Like the creation of the world?

A. No, nothing so grandiose as that. It’s merely a pattern and symbolic representation using text to demonstrate a connection between creativity/creation and other processes.

Q. Is God in there?

A. Well, that’s a whole other story, but this is a nodal view of the subject.

Q. Creativity is a node then?

A. Could be considered that. Depends on your ontology. In this diagram, it possesses nodal characteristics, which is the reason I used it to illuminate things here.

Q. What characteristics are you talking about?

A. it is at the centre of a number of processes, as you can see.

Q. So NoT™ is a centrist theory?

A. Yes. Nodes are at the centre of the network.

Q. How would I know if creativity is a node?

A. Look where it is placed in the model. But we have left out the subject/object dichotomy argument.

Q. Meaning?

A. Well, in NoT™, we have discussed humans and appliances as nodes. Both possess objective qualities.

Q. Yes, but I always thought of humans as subjective.

A. Try to think of them as both subjective and objective.

Q. Are appliances to be thought of the same way?

A. Sure, in a manner of speaking. Appliances are human creations, founded on a subjective and objective base, so they must contain an element of subjectivity.

Q.  That last statement seems rather weak.

A.  I would advise you to CAYMS™ then:  “Connect and you may see”.

Q.  This whole NoT™ concept seems so circular in nature.

A.  Yes, have another look at the wheels of creation.



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  1. mmvcentro permalink

    Thanks for bringing the FUN!
    I am still lost but happily lost.
    Love: Maru

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