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Connecti-Vision™ – an epistemology for the digital age

September 26, 2008

A brief view of the history of the discovery of the epistemology of Connecti-Vision™, along with some comments on its distinction from other theories of knowledge.


Funny how these things work. In a previous post, I used the 0/0 = indeterminate as a metaphor/analogy (I don’t understand the differences in these terms) for my ontology of nodality theory, NoT™, and had placed Connecti-Vision™ in the denominator position in the analogical equation:

NoT™/Connecti-Vision™ = indeterminate.

I had not thought until just now that in essence I am claiming Connecti-Vision™ is an epistemology. But that is exactly what the equation says, and now that I think about, I agree. Connecti-Vision™ is an epistemology for the digital age. A learning theory for this era. So now I must redraw some mindmaps and also discuss how it is different from other learning theories, including connectivism, which asserts that learning = knowledge, and claims learning theory status, thereby also claiming knowledge-theory status.

Off on a new tangent, will report back…..


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