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Totality of Nodality

September 25, 2008

So, is connectivism merely the attempt to describe human learning by using the analogy of network theory? Indeterminate….

For this post, I will refrain from references to other writings, and just try to free-flow my understanding on some of the concepts being presented.

So. Here is what I am hearing:

– A node is the basic unit in learning/knowledge
– A node can be human (defined as an individual) or an appliance (created by humans)
– Nodes connect and form networks.
– Networks hold knowledge, as the knowledge is in the connections.
– Connectivism is a study of the effect of these connections, in the context of digitalness.

I call this nodality-theory. I suggest that it is supreme, as, without nodes, one can’t have networks. And clearly, nodes pre-exist networks.  So maybe we should be focusing on the nodes as well as the network, or maybe even emphasize node-study more as this seems to be the foundation of network theory, and connectivism. What happens in the nodes must dictate what happens in the networks, and how connections occur.

I think of this as a chicken-before-the-egg approach, recognizing further that my suggestion is founded on an ontology of being before nothing, and that the relationship of ontology to this issue of epistemology is in fact, indeterminate. Party on.


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  1. Damn you’re good.

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