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September 25, 2008

In this post I critique connectivism as rudely and loudly as I can…..

Well, that was just intended to get your Attention

Did it work? Are you here? Have you connected with this post?

Anyway, what I really wish to discuss here is the concept of indeterminacy, and its possible application in understanding connectivism:

The author in this short excerpt suggests that ontology and epistemology are joined by the concept of indeterminacy, which is mathemathically defined as zero divided by zero.  And indeterminacy was given meaning by deconstructionists, who discoursed on opposites within western philosophy, according to

And Robert Pirsig seems to be into indeterminacy as well. He comes at it from the perspective of yes-no logic (p.327) applied in the seeking of truth.  Zero and one.  He suggests that all of human knowledge is based on this elementary two-term discrimination, but suggests there is an equally logical third term for which he uses the Japanese word MU, which means no thing. The parallel concept is indeterminacy.


So what does indeterminacy have to do with constructivism?  Well, George talks about Objectivity and subjectivity and I confess that while reading his piece my mind wanders away from the circular dialogue presented, and I search for another path of understanding. Perhaps indeterminacy would help in resolving this issue as it regards nodality.


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