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Isis Pythagoras Connects

September 23, 2008

Chapter 1.

Raindrops kept falling on her head, as she rushed through the storm towards safety. ‘I totally underestimated the intensity of this’, she thought to herself. Once inside, and safe from harm, she had time to reflect on what she had discovered so far…..

Isis Pythagoras (IP) stared at her abacus. ‘What is it thinking’, she wondered?  A network of beads and wires, IP had been taught to believe that learning resided in it. ‘I wonder where the learning exists?’ she mused. Absent-mindedly, she reached for her Dell XPS, her arm striking the abacus and knocking it to the ground. ‘Oh my’, did she cry, but her cries were sooned silenced as she looked at the now-prone abacus.

The beads had arranged themselves, seemingly haphazardly at first, then, on second glance, a pattern emerged. 3 large blue beads, then 3 small yellow, then 3 large blue beads.

‘I recognize this pattern’, thought IP. ‘It is familiar to me. What is the significance of this?  hmmm.  Google will know’. The XPS is fired up, and IP connects. 

stay tuned…….


 The XPS suddenly stops humming. ‘Damn’, thinks IP. She looks around, and notes that her other appliances are off as well. ‘How will I locate the meaning of this pattern now? she says aloud. She casts a glance at the abacus again. The pattern has not changed, fortunately with the storm passing sufficient light is entering the house, and she can clearly see the pattern still:   

3 large blue beads, then 3 small yellow, then 3 large blue beads


IP stops for a moment, reflects. She retrieves a roll of plastic wrap from a drawer, and commences wrapping the abacus in it, carefully locking the beads in place, maintining the pattern she has seen. Exiting her house, she walks along the wet sidewalk, noting the rain has stopped. Reaching the marketplace, she goes straight to her favourite stall, the seller of knowledge, the soothsayer of sense, the Oracle himself. A lineup has already formed, and IP joins it, clutching her abacus in her hands, eager for the answers she knows await her.



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