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Fisking Connecti-vision

September 22, 2008

My vocabulary expands in this course. Thanks to Catherine and Wikipedia, I now think I know what fisking is. Or at least I think I know. Or have I only connected with a node? What is knowledge anyway? Can we ever know what knowledge is? For the answer to these, and other Illuminati (ng) and riveting questions, please read on. I have a theory about this….. Connect here…..

Welcome to Connecti-vision, a fisking view of the 2nd paragraph of the conclusion of:

Connectivism: A Learning Theory for the Digital Age

Connectivism presents a model of learning that acknowledges the tectonic shifts in society where learning is no longer an internal, individualistic activity.

From what perspective are we looking at the internal individualistic activity thing? Was learning ever only an internal individualistic activity? If another individual learned something (say, Plato, for instance), for her the learning may have been internal (I may argue against that position too), but for me the learning from her was also external, shared with me through language, possibly in the form of stories or books. The process of learning was both internal and external; the fixing of the obtained knowledge could be internal or external. I could write it down. My conclusion is that this idea is false.

How people work and function is altered when new tools are utilized. 

Sure. Give me a tractor and I’ll park my horse. But I am still plowing the field.

The field of education has been slow to recognize both the impact of new learning tools and the environmental changes in what it means to learn.

I’m not an educator by profession, so I plead nolo contendre.

Connectivism provides insight into learning skills and tasks needed for learners to flourish in a digital era.

Not if you don’t agree with the underlying assumptions


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