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August 31, 2008

Good to reiterate what I must accomplish in the next month, in regards to this paper.

I must write the first 3 chapters of the thesis, for submission to Bill for review and revision. These are the standard chapters of Introduction, Lit Review and Research Method. I must add a 4th chapter concerning the development of the LO (learning object) to be used in this project. The total of these 4 chapters is to be 35-40 pages in length. In addition I will have approximately 10-15 pages of references, making a total length of about 50 pages, prior to the conducting of the research itself. Reporting on the research will add another 40 pages. This total seems a little low, given that a qualitative masters thesis will normally run 100-120 pages. So I will submit a higher amount for the first 4 chapters, aiming for 50 pages plus references. One can always shave.

So, target is 50 pages. 40 for the first 3 chapters, 10 for the chapter on the LO, including screen shots.

Completing this now is required as Bill wants it submitted with the ethics review form, and the target for that submission is October 17th.


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  1. deadvocate permalink

    On Target yet? Maybe a little behind still. I have 30 pages of rough draft, which includes my 506 proposal, slightly modified, and some new material. The outline is pretty firm, and I write to the subheadings. In some ways, easier to write to a new heading with fresh material, than to re-work the old. The method has undergone some changes, and that impacts the lit review and intro of course. So, lots of work ahead.

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