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Sailing and Writing

August 31, 2008

A decidedly gorgeous afternoon on Lake Simcoe yesterday. Seems days like that are the summer that we have missed so far in SO. Repeats are predicted for the remainder of this weekend, and then back to school for the children on Tuesday.

Starting my daily study routine by writing a short blog post seems to be a winning formula for me. Kinda like doing a stretching routine prior to the actual workout. Good medicine. Yesterday I was able to organize my paper and start writing sections that were incomplete or unstarted. Progress was made, albeit slow. It is still a little hard to focus, however, but with discipline and routine I think that will improve. Creswell (2003, P.56) is again prescriptive in this regard: “Establish the discipline of writing on a continuous and regular basis. Setting the manuscript aside for a long period results in a loss of concentration and effort. The actual writing of words on a page is only part of a more extended process of thinking, collecting information, and reviewing that goes into manuscript production.”

He elaborates by suggesting one write in small, regular amounts, writing while fresh, sharing one’s writing with friends/peers, writing 2-3 projects simultaneously. And this (p.56): “Like the runner who stretches before a road race, the writer needs warm-up exercises for both the mind and the fingers. Some leisurely writing activities, such as writing a letter to a friend, brainstorming on the computer, reading some good writing, or studying a favorite poem, can make the actual task of writing easier…”

My experience exactly.


Creswell, J.W. (2003). Research design: qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods approaches.Thousand Oaks, California: Sage Publications Inc.


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  1. deadvocate permalink

    Yesterday’s sail was quite good, a light easterly wind around 6 knots to start, but trailed off to about 2 knots in the evening. Was on the lake for about 4 hours. Not helping the writing much in a direct fashion, but good for the soul I guess. Lots of boats out there, taking advantage of the great weather, skiing, tubing, sailing, canoeing, etc.

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